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One Teaspoon Mud

Thursday, May 2  21.00

AYVALIK Vural Sineması Nejat Uygur Sahnesi

Tuesday, May 7 20.30

Pax Sahne

A woman trapped in the kitchen tells us about the meals she cooks, her husband, her grandmother, her childhood, and her childhood love. Although "One Teaspoon Mud", written by Elif Candan as a result of interviews within the scope of her academic studies on gender and directed by Pınar Akkuzu, seems to be coming from the mouth of a single woman, it is actually the common story, language, feeling and expression of all women. ...
The world of the game comes to life by feeding on this common denominator. With the help of the text, the actors explore the possibilities of movement and meaning of words and the body, making use of physical theater techniques, performative acting and contemporary dance opportunities. They exist on stage in an empty space where there is no decor or wall between them and the audience, pursuing space and the playful, and they seek to create a dynamic and alternative language in these ways.

Written by: Elif Candan

Directed by: Pınar Akkuzu

Actors: Bengisu İspir, Cansu Canaslan
Assistant Director: Gizem Akdoğan
Movement Design: Ceyda Özcan
Music Director: Berkay Özideş
Lighting and Stage Design: Utku Kara

Costume Design: Hilal Polat
Poster Photo: Murat Dürüm
Poster Design: Sea Analogous
Coordinator: Berat Aydin

Production: Nushu Theater

Duration: 60 Minutes

Single act.

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