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About Us


Nushu Theater is a community founded in 2022 by Bengisu İspir and Cansu Canaslan, who carried their partnership from their conservatory years to the professional stage after graduation.

Nushu, from which the group takes its name, is a secret language created by women in Jiangyong, in the Hunan region of southern China, as of the 13th century, to communicate only with each other. In Jiangyong, women used this language to talk about their lives and share their writings such as autobiographies, poems, and stories with each other with a sense of sisterhood. Although it was banned in the 20th century as "witch manuscripts", it has been passed down from generation to generation until today.

"On Teaspoon Mud" is the first play of the team, which aims to create its own language on stage and explores the possibilities of movement on stage, just like Nushu. The team will continue their production in line with this search for a new language.

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